Homemade Baked Goods, Popcorn and Candy in Prince George

Located at 3712 Austin Road West, the Jerky Factory Prince George offers fresh down homemade cooking at affordable prices. All food is made in store by Donna Wiggins, who knows her way around a kitchen. The ingredients are locally sourced and grown. Most of the produce comes from our sister company Marmot Hill Gardens. A working farm where we grow most of the food for the store, guaranteeing freshness. So you know that the canned preserves you buy are farm fresh and good for you. Weather you are looking for Homemade baked goods, popcorn or candy in Prince George we got you covered.

We take great pride in being a green shop, we use only the best eye of round for things like the fresh cabbage rolls or Shepherd’s pie. The scraps from the roasts that are not used is then given to the local dog sledders so their dogs can function at their best. As well some of the excess fat is used to create suet balls for our fine feathered friends.

We also have home made jerky in pork, turkey and beef with 14 flavors from Dill to Mesquite and everything in between.

Or perhaps something sweet is your thing? Looking for that candy you had as a kid? A old fashioned jawbreaker or gumball? We have the candy you loved as a kid. Our candy comes in all the old favorite flavors and amazing colors.   Or get some amazing popcorn, great for movie nights, we have popcorn in all flavor to change date night to something amazing. Get some popcorn to take movie night up a bunch.

We have things you can not get anywhere else in Prince George! Looking for something unusual, something special? Come up to the Hart are in northern Prince George and leave with something special!

We can also process game meat into jerky for hunters providing all paperwork is in order.


Soups are $6.50 each per container or get 4 for $20 great for camping and winter treats!

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We are pleased to announce that Donna’s Artisan Breads will be available in the afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting immediately.

The breads are all homemade in small batches, mixed, kneaded and shaped by hand. There will be several different varieties available:

Multi Grain – A delicious blend of 8-grain cereal plus whole buckwheat, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, whole flax and ground flax plus some molasses mixed into a coarse ground whole wheat / unbleached white flour bread. And egg wash is brushed on and grains sprinkled over the loaf before baking.

Breakfast Slice – Another of Donna’s specialty breads, this contains coconut, cranberries and walnuts in a blend of coarse ground whole wheat and unbleached white flour. Delicious toasted for your breakfast.

Molasses Whole Wheat – a blend of coarse ground whole wheat and unbleached white flour with a drizzle of molasses added for extra flavor and nutrition.

Whole Wheat – a blend of coarse ground whole wheat flour and unbleached white flour.

White – Donna uses unbleached white flour when making this bread.

Jerky Bread – White bread made with unbleached white flour and an interesting mix of coarse ground black pepper, dried onion and dried garlic ( some of the ingredients that we use when we make jerky) added to the dough, then a sprinkle of grated cheddar on top .

Raisin Bread – Made with unbleached white flour with cinnamon, a hint of nutmeg and raisins added to the dough. A delicious treat for your weekend breakfast.

Then there are the cinnamon buns and cinny bubbles. Made with unbleached white flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and sometimes even raisins . A water-based glaze is drizzled over top of the cinnamon buns and the cinny bubbles.

Opening Hours

Mon to Sat 9:30-5:30
Sunday 10-3:30

A big pot of Split Pea Soup with Ham is what's ready for "Lunch on the Go" today. ...

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"Lunch on the Go: for today features a Tuna Salad or an Egg Salad Sandwich on homemade Whole Wheat Bread for $3.50.

For an extra $1.50 you can add a square or 2 cookies and a drink. And I do have coffee, tea or hot chocolate instead of a cold drink.

Enjoy your day and drive safe.

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Lunch is ready.
I have either a bowl of piping hot Chili or Beef Barley soup ready to warm your tummy up.

$5.00 gets a bowl of yummy goodness , a square or 2 cookies and a drink.

And I have coffee, tea or hot chocolate here if you want that instead of a cold drink.

Drive safe after the rain last night

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Birthday Treat!

On your birthday get a special treat! Six free homemade cookies! Choose from Peanut butter Oatmeal cookies, Gingersnaps, Chocolate Chip or Shortbread. With purchase!